The Fine Art of Caring

The path to accomplishing one’s dreams can appear at a young age, as we see in young Banoth Charan’s story. A student of Class 5 in Redlawada School, he got information about a Fine Arts course and became interested in what it entails. With a great degree of self initiative, he asked his teachers about Fine Arts and how to create a future in this area!

Charan, with his proud father

With this information, he appeared for the entrance examination and attained 15th rank in the state, which got him a free seat in Hyderabad Fine Arts School! In this course, he will learn painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry and drawing, in addition to the regular academic subjects. The subjects are split into 3 days of academic subjects and 3 days of Fine Arts subjects.

Charan has shown how a clear intention can pave the way to a bright future, regardless of age. His story is an inspiration to other children to be determined to fulfill their dreams and goals. His parents are thrilled that he got this scholarship, which gives them financial relief. They’re grateful to RDF for having provided a foundation of care and support that empowered Charan and his family to take these steps to fulfill his goal.

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