Government Support for Board Examinations

 As per schedule Telangana Government schedule, the SSC board exams are conducted each year in March-April. This year, the examinations started on 19th March 2020, with the first two exams being completed on schedule. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, the remaining exams had to be postponed, until further notice.

In order to support the Class 10 students in their exam preparation, the state government has launched a new app, ‘T. Sat’. The app aims to help students learn through online services. Even the school teachers are taking part in this programme. The school staff and RDF staff are helping students on a daily basis with full sincerity. The students are also determined to not let lockdown hamper their studies.

This app has been a great support to students as it has helped facilitate effective communication between teachers and students. The Headmaster has been supervising the process, coordinating with staff and students, taking their feedback and reporting to the District Education Officer.

We are grateful to the state government for this initiative and the efforts of the school team to support their students.



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