Creating Terrific Teaching Learning Materials

RDF teachers are ensuring that they stay supportive of children’s needs and learning goals during lockdown. They have made themselves fully available, sending organised lessons through WhatsApp and also reviewing all work, ensuring that there is no impediment to school work during this extended closure of schools.

During lockdown, our teachers are also busy creating beautiful Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) which help students grasp concepts and learn easily. In addition to this, attractive TLMs also serve as great visual teaching aids. Text based learning can take time; therefore it is necessary to look at innovative teaching methods that makes concepts more appealing and fun to learn.

Though schools are closed, we are happy that teachers are still thinking of their students’ betterment and continuing to give careful thought to how to make their lessons interesting to teach. We are grateful to have such sincere, creative and enthusiastic teachers with us, who are also giving back to rural communities by creating an environment of care in our schools.

It will be lovely to see these TLMs decking our classrooms and halls, with eager teachers and children, once schools reopen!

The pictures accompanying this blog are TLMs created by the teachers of Rollakal School.

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