Our Teacher: The Marvellous Mahender Sir!

Mr. Mahender, hard at work at lesson planning

A translated saying goes, “A mediocre teacher talks, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inspires!” We are proud to have in our midst, Mr. Mahender, the Primary School In-charge at Kalleda School who, we believe, is a great teacher and loves to learn too!

Planning a cultural event, with other teachers

A favourite with students and teachers alike, he teaches passionately and also strives to update his subject knowledge continuously. He thinks of innovative ideas to teach his lessons, which can arouse curiosity in the subject. He pays keen attention on how to make his teaching contextual, thus making it more interesting and easier to learn. Before teaching a concept, he plans how to introduce the topic with a good illustration or a fun activity that piques students’ interest. He know every student in the school by name!

Mr. Mahender (L), participating in a cultural event, with students

A gifted musician, he is always an intrinsic part of the planning and execution of cultural programmes. His involvement ensures smooth coordination among teachers and students, thus making such events a big success! He can sing, dance and play musical instruments and draw too. His gifts and the joy of sharing attracts everyone and makes them learn with curiosity.

He has a good relationship with parents and supports the all round development of the children, which parents appreciate. He is considered a role model across all RDF schools, as someone to emulate not just as a teacher, but as a person too.



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