Sincerity is Thy Name, Rahul

Rahul (centre) helping his classmates with class work

Sincerity is an abiding quality that we see in our rural students. It guides them to put in their best in everything they engage in. Rahul is a Class 4 student in the Tech Mahindra Foundation and RDF partnership government Mandal Parishad Primary School. At a tender age, he lost both parents and is looked after by his grandparents. Kindness and an honest dispostion is a hallmark in Rahul’s character.He loves to take care of younger students and enjoys doing various chores in school. He looks upto his grandparents and teachers and believes in the Telugu saying, “Peddala Maata Saddi Moota” (The words of the elders are silent).

One day he found Rs. 500 in his classroom. Without a thought, he turned in the money to the school in charge who appreciated Rahul and made a special announcement about his honest act during morning assembly. He has set his sights high and wants to be a doctor. Though an average student academically, he is pushing himself to do better, so that he can achieve his goals. Watching Rahul always brings a smile to everyone’s face! Though his past has been tragic, we pray that his beautiful energy and kind spirit guide him to the best future for him.

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