Teaching to Build Good Relationships

Rural children live in difficult family circumstances, steeped in financial difficulties and its attendant social issues. Parents work long hours to eke a living, so a caring school environment is what RDF children look forward to.  RDF also actively works with the parent community to counsel and guide parents so that students have a conducive environment at home.

Over the years, we have worked hard at creating a nurturing environment in our schools with teachers being trained to look after the mental and emotional wellbeing of their charges too. So our teachers don’t just teach, but look after the students with a lot of care and affection. These supportive teacher-student relationships inspire the children and helps them to focus better in class and in extracurricular activities too. It has also enabled bonding between parents and children at home, thus easing the stress in some homes.

The accompanying pictures are from Redlawada School, with a teacher feeding primary students who have hand injuries and neatening the hair of another student. We feel happy to see students who are happy to come to school and love their teachers!

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