Sports Achievements

The deservedly proud Matendla team

Matendla School team is very proud to share that 50 students from the school participated in a Mandal level sports competition organised by School Games Federation of India. Senior girls won Gold medals in Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and volleyball. The Junior Girls team and Junior Boys team won Silver medals in the same categories.

Trophies won by the students, proudly taking centre stage!

It’s a pleasure for us to see an increasing number of students choose sports, put in the hard work and focus required for competitions and do well in them. Their ability to balance their academic work with serious sports pursuit is admirable and shows their levels of determination to achieve their goals.

We wholeheartedly encourage students to take up sports, in addition to it being a part of our holistic curriculum, because it truly builds mental acuity and physical endurance and stamina. Working in regions where children face malnourishment and are susceptible to seasonal diseases, we care very much for our student’s wellbeing through making them stronger in body and mind with sports coaching and nutritious meals. This focus and their performance also provides opportunities for sports scholarships and Government jobs – a boon for families to find respite from living in poverty.

Big thanks to the Matendla team for supporting their students every step of the way. We look forward to their performance at the District level competitions and beyond.

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