Sporting a Bright Future

The rural communities that RDF works with have been struggling in poverty for generations. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to run the best schools we can with good infrastructure, education and training, with help from our committed supporters. Rural children deserve the best, so our schools are like a second home to them!

The Kalleda school team, after the girls’ win

Our students’ sports accomplishments reflect the effort we put into our education model. Harshitha and Spoorthi are Class 10 students from Kalleda School who started learning Archery in Class 8. With consistent daily practice, they won accolades at several National level championships in 2018 in the under-14 and under-17 categories. These achievements have resulted in their selection to the prestigious Calcutta Sports Authority of India (SAI) sports college, a central government initiative.

The Rollakal school team after their win

Similarly, we are also thrilled that 2 of our younger students from Rollakal School, Chinnu and Manoj of Class 4, Rollakal School have got admission into the state run sports school, a tough competition in which students from 33 districts competed for a mere 40 seats!

With complete financial support covering tuition, boarding and lodging, these children can now look forward to full education, a good career in sports and financial stability for their families.

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