Fun & Learning with Photography

Shutterbug Chandana, in school

RDF schools provide guidance and encouragement to develop our rural student’s innate interests and hobbies. Going beyond textbook and classroom based education; the schools do their best to help hone these interests and talents. Developing such skills can also help students create a source of income for themselves and become self sufficient, which is crucial in order to help alleviate the financial poverty in their lives.

Scenic beauty of Redlawada captured by Chandana

Local women at work; PC: Chandana

Extracurricular activities are one such way for students to understand their personal interests and spend more time in building them. J. Chandana who has just finished Class 10 from Redlawada School, became interested in photography 3 years ago. Since the school had a camera, she was provided plentiful support to explore her interests. Rural areas provide rich scope to be in nature and Chandana did just that; spending time in nature, taking photos, understanding light, distance and camera angles. She was also most excited when doing photography and spent happy hours clicking away! These are valuable skills she picked up.

We hope Chandana continues to pursue her interest and get even better at it. We’re happy to see that this provided her with self confidence in her abilities, which is invaluable in any aspect of life!

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