Adieu and Welcoming the New!

This time of the year is filled with a festive atmosphere in the RDF VAPV Junior College campus. The reason is the hours and days of practice being put into the much loved farewell ceremony for the 2nd Year Intermediate students.

In a heartwarming ceremony, the outgoing students were given a befitting farewell by the juniors. The 1st Year students put in a lot of thought into their performance and presented a wonderful dance performance, skits, farewell songs and games. The chief guest of the function was Mr. G. Veerender, Sub Inspector of Police, Parvathagiri. He motivated the students by advising them to work hard and learn from entrepreneurs and leaders in society. t everyone should work hard and take inspiration from great leader and scientist. Understanding the long journey these young students have undertaken and their life circumstances, he encouraged them by saying, “Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible.”He spoke about the need for role models in society and suggested that they use their time and money wisely and make good decisions. “This will create a good future for you”, was the wisdom he shared.

The seniors too shared their experiences with the juniors and gave plentiful suggestions for their academics and career. The talents and contributions of the outgoing students were recognized and awarded during this event. The day ended on a heartfelt note with the best wishes and goodbyes for the new phase and journey of life that lies ahead of them.


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