Chandra Rising!!

The paths to responsibility and leadership are many and sometimes they remain unseen and eventually move from shadow into the light. Such was the case with young Chandrakala who joined the Mandal Parishad Primary School 3 years ago as a Class 1 student. She spent much of her first year in the school crying to go home and was very unhappy being sent to school. Her teachers tried very hard to make her comfortable. They allowed her to go home on some occasions, while on others, they tried to get her to mingle with her classmates and other times, they gave her space to be on her own. She was so miserable, that sometimes she even refused to come into the classroom, preferring to keep to herself outside.

The teachers and the H.M. know that the journey to accepting life in school, after being home with parents is a different one for each child. They truly wanted Chandrakala to take to school at her own pace, in her own time. Her parents, particularly her father was puzzled by this approach as he felt children just need to adjust and took her lack of adjustment as a failure on the teachers’ part. But the teachers knew what they were doing and asked her parents to be patient with her and them.

Several months later, with time and continuing care and comfort being given by teachers, Chandrakala began to attend classes on her own.  This was a big milestone! As she started to come to class voluntarily, she started to mingle with her classmates and her comfort level grew more. By the end of the year, she was working hard in academics and proved to be a revelation in her reading, writing and speaking ability – she was gifted in picking up things fast! Not only that, she had a natural ability at leading charge too – she volunteered to collect and distribute notebooks, she helped her classmates with classwork and homework and loved her role as a class leader! Her teachers were amazed with her turnaround. She obviously loved school now and started to participate actively in sports and cultural activities too. It was as if she was making up for lost time – such was her energy and enthusiasm to do everything!

The biggest turnaround was in the attitude of her father, who had complained so much about the school. Now seeing his daughter’s progress, he felt very humbled and personally apologised to the teachers and the H.M. He thanked them for showing his daughter the patience and kindness that he could not and expressed gratitude to TMF and RDF for receiving training to understand children’s unique nature and giving them space to grow. So exemplary was Chandrakala’s performance, that the school gave her a double promotion to Class 3! Her parents have now enrolled her brother in the same school, in class 3; so the brother and sister happily study together!

We are very proud of our teachers for their effort and investment in each student and letting the children blossom!



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