A Caring Environment..and some carom!

A nurturing environment in school – the support of friends and teachers can have such a positive impact on a student who is struggling – this is something we see time and again in our schools.

Hajekhan is a young Class 3 student in Mandal Parishad Primary School. He comes from a humble background, like most students in the school. His father is an electrician in a private company and his mother works as an ‘ayamma’ in a local college.

Hajekhan is a quiet boy who has not yet reached his potential academically and struggles with the language as his family only speaks Urdu at home. As both parents work in order to make ends meet, he also is unable to get support in his studies at home. He gets some help from his older sisters, but due to their own academic pursuits, they can only help him so much.

But Hajekhan is a spirited boy who loves to make friends and spend time with them. This spirit helps him to a large extent in applying himself to whatever he does. His teachers are also patient with him, indulging his obsession with carom! Actually, playing games, talking to children about their life, their problems is a proven way to bond with them – it helps them open up and trust the adults working with them. He says he wants to become a doctor, so his teachers are helping him realise that he needs to put in a lot of work academically, in order to realise his dreams.

The school team has also been counselling his parents to spend more time with him and try and give him some attention at home and help him with homework. This support network has helped his parents who are trying their best to follow the school’s recommendations. Since all children are provided free stationery, midday meal and snacks and uniforms, they feel very happy and grateful as it eases the financial pressure. They have seen the positive changes in their son and are happy to have him continue in this school till class 10.

Young Hajekhan has also responded optimistically to the care and attention given to him. He even played less carom during final exams preparation, spent more time studying and passed his final exams with a wonderful ‘B’ grade! Well done, Hajekhan! We know you have a beautiful spirit and you will go places, hopefully always with a carom board!!


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