Ray of Hope

Getting an education is a primary fundamental right that every child is entitled to. However, it is also a reality that many parents from economically deprived backgrounds stuggle to pay fees and other expenses in private schools. Government schools aren’t seen as a viable option for many families who aspire to provide good education to their children. So they are despairing of how to continue to provide for their families and their children’s education.

Arun, studying in class

Arun, happy at play!

Arun’s family was very dejected after years of struggling to make ends meet and send him to a private school. Arun, 9 years old, is a bright boy, with big dreams of becoming a scientist. But with financial resources sapped, his father, the only earning member as a door to door salesman, didn’t know how to continue providing for Arun’s education. In a similar story, Shashank, 8 years old, another young boy from Bahadurapally village who wants to become a sportsperson, also had parents who were on the verge of pulliing him out of school due to their inability to pay his private school fees. Shashank’s father is a shopkeeper with a meager income and feeding the family was more important. In such financially challenged circumstances, both families couldn’t see a ray of hope.

Shashank, happily studying

But there was a silver lining in the dark cloud of their life circumstances. Both boys got admission in the Mandal Parishad High School, Bahadurapally, supported jointly by Tech Mahindra Foundation and RDF. Arun got admission via the Telangana Government’s Day cum Residential scheme, but securing top marks in the entrance exam, while Shashank got admission directly. The ‘School Quality Improvement Program’ that has been in place for 3 years means that the school receives the best inputs in terms of teacher training, resource development and sound education management practices.

Now both boys get free education, free textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, stationery and school lunch of the highest quality. Arun, a studious boy, pays meticulous attention to his studies and finally free from the financial stress of education, now plays happily with his friends in school. He can finally see his dream becoming a reality in the future. Shashank, a natural athlete, shines with the sports infrastructure and training available in the school. Both boys are blossoming under the care and encouragement of their teachers, utilizing the rich academic and extra curricular resources available and doing well.

Both boys and their families are very grateful to TMF and RDF for their efforts in developing the school, providing their children and many others a quality of education that they deserve. Many families like Arun’s and Shashank’s breathe a quiet sigh of relief that some of their financial woes are over and more importantly, that their children’s future is in able hands.

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