Adieu and Welcoming the New!

In the time honoured tradition of educational institutions across India, the RDF VAPV Junior College conducted a Farewell Party for the 2nd year students. It was a grand affair, organised and executed in an efficient manner by the 1st year students themselves.

Farewell note by a graduating student

The senior students were asked to say a few words about their experience in the college. What they actually expressed was very emotional and touched the hearts of everyone present. They expressed gratitude for the excellent facilities and amenities such as good lectures, provision of a computer lab and technology, a well stocked library, sufficient science lab equipment, hygienic food and water, along a a focus on sports and cultural experience during their college tenure. The felt that all of this contributed to a high level of education for them.

B. Shireesha of BPC 2nd year had this to say, “I am feeling very sad to leave this college and friends. I have learnt many things here. All the lectures were taught very well. The friendly nature of the faculty and the academic atmosphere is what attracted me to this college and I think this college is like Shanthiniketan. The hostel facilities are comfortable and nice. We were inspired by the guest lectures and their messages. I was always encouraged by my lecturers and I will always remember my college for the rest of my life.”

The graduating batch with the Junior College faculty

Every year, we bid adieu to another batch of students, who have struggled due to the family circumstances that they were born in. But we send them onward into the world, to seek new experiences, with the hope that these 2 years have provided them with all the tools that will help them better their lives and those of their families.


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