Innovation and Inspiration!

It is amazing what a few resources, recycled materials, inspired ideas and an excitement to experiment and learn can bring about! Every human resource that is seen around us, in our environment, our home and the world started as a seed of an idea. The idea leads to exploration and experimentation, which through a process of trial and error becomes a very useful innovation.

The innovator, Sunny

The innovator, Sunny

This is precisely what we see happen in our schools time and again. Sunny, a Class 5 student of RDF Rollakal School loves Science experiments. His Science teacher encourages him to test out his ideas or research science concepts that he is interested in. This collaboration resulted in a brilliant water pump innovation.

The apparatus

The apparatus

Using a motor, battery, a box, an empty bottle and 2 pipes, Sunny, set up the apparatus to create a water pump.

With the guidance of his Science teacher and his own keen interest in Science, Sunny was able to accomplish this with ease. This goes to show how an environment of encouragement, play and infusing fun and curiosity into lessons can bring them to life for everyone!

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