Rakesh rocks Redlawada! :)

rakesh-redlawadaRakesh, a Class 8 student in RDF Redlawada School, has twin passions. The first is his fondness for computers and the other is sports. While he is inspired by the determination and hardwork of his older sister who is pursuing biology, physics and chemistry, Rakesh is inclined towards Software Engineering. He feels very fortunate that his school has a fully equipped computer lab where he spends a lot of time learning about computer hardware, software and computer applications.

His passion for sports is being honed by the school Physical Education Teacher. With daily practice and a nutritionally balanced diet comprising extra milk and eggs that is monitored by the PET, Rakesh has represented the school in Mandal level, District level and National level Student Olympics. His sports hero is Usain Bolt, having learnt about him and his retirement while watching the 2016 Olympics on television. Inspired by his life struggles and achievements, he aspires to be among the top 5 athletes in India.

Rakesh is very proud of the sports facilities and extracurricular activities that are offered in the school, something that his friends miss out on in other schools. He has made friends from other states while participating in National level events. Narrating an incident that happened during the National level competitions in Gujarat, he said that he made friends with another boy from UP. It was funny interacting with him because he could only communicate in English and Telugu while the UP boy was fluent in Hindi. Though they both tried communicating in English, neither could understand what the other said. Luckily, a boy from the Andhra Pradesh team helped translate. That experience showed him the importance to know another language apart from his mother tongue.

While he is fanning his dreams of a future in sports, for now Rakesh wants to encourage sports among young children in his village. Since his friends and cousins, enrolled in other schools are not exposed to sports or sporting facilities, he feels that his knowledge and training can help them. Way to go Rakesh! We are very happy to hear that he is paying it forward by sharing his talent and skills in his community.



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