Pravalika Prevails

When Pravalika was born, 15 years ago, her parents scarcely knew the strength of her will or the fire in her belly that would lead her to strive to lift herself above the impoverished circumstances she was born into.

A Class 10 student in RDF Rollakal School, Pravalika has done herself, her parents and her school proud with her grit and will to succeed. After joining the school in Class 5, Pravalika was exposed to numerous extracurricular and sports activities – experiences she had never gone though in her previous school. It was sports that beckoned her, after discovering an innate talent in volleyball and kabaddi. Working tirelessly before and after school, she was selected to the State Level in both sports – a first for her school and her family too!

Throwing herself wholeheartedly into the experience, Pravalika was very happy to have the opportunity to interact with sports team from other districts at the State Level meet in Hanamakonda. During the competitions, she became very nervous due to the large crowds. In her opinion, she can overcome her nervousness by participating in many more such events. Her parents are very proud of her sports accomplishments.


One wonders where her resilience comes from. Pravalika’s family resides in a village 2 kms away from the school. Due to low awareness levels and financial difficulties, her parents couldn’t continue their education. However, her father being a very determined and hardworking student, managed to complete Class 10. Today he is employed with the Northern Power Distribution Company (NPDCL) of Telangana. He earns 10,000 per month and is responsible for lifting poles.

On the other hand, her mother did not attend school. She works as an agricultural laborer on others’ farms. Since agriculture promotes cyclical unemployment especially in summers, her mother then switches to MGNREGA. The usual work assigned to the group would be repairing of roads, digging, planting trees etc.

During school holidays, Pravalika works in cotton fields with her mother. According to Pravalika, her mother is a very dynamic person. It was her mother’s idea to teach Pravalika about the harsh realities of agricultural work. In her mother’s opinion, one must never forget their roots and hence association with agriculture is mandatory.

Pravalika dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and help her village by generating employment for villagers. However, prior to taking that step, she would like to gain experience by working professional establishment. With the same steady clear thinking that we recognize in her, she understands that it is a tough task but is confident that in future years, villages will be vehicles for economic growth.

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