The Will to Succeed

Born into a family of agricultural labourers, Rajesh joined RDF Redlawada School in Nursery. He has had a tremendous journey in RDF since his first days as a tiny tot of 3! Since his first shaky steps, Rajesh discovered his natural prowess at sports, particularly running. Now an avid sports person, he actively participates in various competitions. The school physical education trainer observed his athletic abilities and started training him for competitions. Since then, he has represented the school in various events.

rajesh-redlawadaIn the year 2016 alone, Rajesh has represented the school in mandal level, district level and national level student Olympics. To supplement his nutritional intake, his diet was altered by the PET teacher. He was offered milk and egg twice a day for 30 consecutive days. According to him, the diet helped him in improving his overall performance in all the events.

He made history for Redlawada School by becoming the 1st student to participate in a National Level event – the Student Olympics which was held in Vadodra, Gujarat in October 2016. With over 4000 students from across the country participating, Rajesh shone bright, with a Gold medal in Athletics. He said that participating in the meet was a joyous occasion and made him feel very proud. Prior to the event, he had seen never seen such a huge sports complex, having seen such grounds only on TV.

His favourite sportsman is PV Sindhu. He feels that her claim to fame was her game. He opined that “Today, everyone in the country knows her because of her victory in the Olympics. She also received 11 crores from different companies”. Rajesh envisions himself as the PV Sindhu of athletics. He is very excited to qualify and participate in the International Student Olympics in Nepal. Rajesh is excited about the upcoming event and seeing the mighty Himalayas and experience traveling by plane.

On the personal front, his parents are encouraging him to give his level best in Nepal. Rajesh is now popular in the village of Redlawada. This is the first time that a child from the village will be participating in an international event. He mentioned that all the other schools in the village focus entirely on education and the emphasis on sports alongside quality education is unique to RDF.

He is very glad to have the opportunities to hone his abilities and participate in sports events in India and overseas and thanks RDF for being a big part of his life! We wish him all the best for the upcoming event in Nepal.



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