Time for Rhymes!

Speaking and communicating in English is now considered a life skill not just in India, but in most countries as it is the universal language of communication. English is a second language for a majority of Indians and in rural areas, with very limited exposure to the language, it is akin to a foreign language. This can make learning the language a difficult task, also due to language limitations in rural teachers.

ms-blog-1-rhymes-recitingHowever, it has been shown that early exposure to a new language can help children grasp a language more easily. Rhymes are a fun way for young children to learn the speaking rhythm of a language, along with intonation, repetition of sounds and words and building vocabulary. Learning rhymes and repeating its rhythms also brings in an element of play, so that learning English can feel effortless. With accomplishment in learning rhymes, children get motivated to learn more. Therefore, learning rhymes and simple poems is an integral part of the primary school curriculum in RDF schools. Trained and mentored by committed volunteers, adept in English and thereafter with the encouragement of RDF teachers, young children have been enthused about their rhyming skills and enhanced language abilities.

ms-blog-2-rhymesMatendla School conducted a rhymes reciting competition as part of the ‘Balavinodam’ programme. The competition was announced a week in advance, thus giving the children a week to prepare. The programme was open to students from LKG to Class 5. Students prepared their rhymes with the help of their English teachers and were asked to recite rhymes with rhythm and action. Students were adjudged based on performance, with 10 marks allotted to the rhyme, 5 marks for rhythm and 5 marks for action. The top two performers for each class were awarded. So while only the top two spots were awarded, commendations were given to all students, who were appreciated for their joyful participation.



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