Happy Harvest!

ros-2The RDF team puts in tremendous effort to make its schools self sufficient and sustainable. RDF children come from rural, underprivileged families that lead difficult and financially hard lives. The children are always made aware of the effort it takes to provide resources to the schools that allow them to benefit from an enriched learning environment. However the means by which these resources are made available to the children and staff is never taken for granted.ros-3

Producing their own food is one way in which RDF tries to show the children the importance of farming and self reliance. All RDF schools have their own small kitchen farms. In RDF Rollakal School, students have been lovingly and carefully tending to the farm in their school premises. The farm is fully organic as the students and their families have been made aware about the damage to their health and soil through excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The students collectively plant seasonal vegetable seeds and then look after them till they are ready to harvest. This season the students have cultivated bottle gourd, bitter gourd and ladies finger! ros-5ros-4These delicious vegetables are used for the midday meal in the school which is a crucial way in which the school is able to save some costs towards the midday meal.

The children are delighted to look after the farm and harvest their own produce. Food tastes so much better when you grow it yourself and is prepared with care by the cooking staff!

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