Donor Sponsorship for RDF Alumni

RDF has now been working for the cause of rural education for two decades. Many are aware that RDF’s work to educate rural children is sustainable due to support from financial donors and volunteers. However, RDF continues to remain invested in children’s futures even after they leave school. Many students want to pursue higher education and have the ability and skill to do well, but are constrained due to lack of finances. So, RDF strives to provide financial sponsorship for deserving alumni in order for them to take up professional courses, through which they are able to become financially stable, support their families and help them out of poverty.

Narsimlu (R) with Matendla School Headmaster, Mr. Vishnumurthy, at his canteen

Narsimlu (R) with Matendla School Headmaster, Mr. Vishnumurthy, at his canteen

One such example is that of Narsimlu who completed schooling from Matendla School and wanted to pursue Hotel Management. With the help of RDF wellwisher, Mr. Vikram Reddy who decided to sponsor Narsimlu’s dreams, he was able to get admission in a Hotel Management course in Hyderabad.. Post service training at Taj Hotel, Hyderabad, he turned into an entrepreneur by hiring a running canteen in Tirupathi, a popular pilgrim destination in Andhra Pradesh. His enterprise is a success due to his hard work and has been able to provide a firm financial foundation for his family.

anjaliAnjali, another alumnus of Matendla School, got a free seat in B. Tech in Hyderabad. However, she still needed to pay Rs. 40,000 towards hostel fees. At this point, Mrs. Kavita Subba Rao, stepped in to sponsor her fees so that she could complete her education. With this timely monetary support, Anjali has completed her B. Tech and has procured a job in an E-data company.

Magnanimous donors such as Mr. Reddy and Mrs. Subba Rao provide much needed support that allows RDF’s deserving student to break the poverty cycle. Together, we meet RDF’s vision of educating and empowering underprivileged children – something that the RDF family and our student’s families are always grateful for.

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