A school of Devotion


The lovely flower garden and the Saraswati temple

Prayer, meditation, pranayama, devotional activities form an integral part of the morning routine for many Indian households. Starting the day in this restful manner prepares the mind, body and spirit to take on the day and the stresses and challenges that can arise in daily lives.


A student lighting incense at the tmeple

Rollakal School has a beautiful statue of Goddess Saraswati built at the entrance of the school. Every teacher and adult entering the school first goes to the temple for prayer. By turns, students of different classes clean the statue, perform a pooja, keep flowers and light incense every day of the week. This creates a wonderful, peaceful and soothing atmosphere in the school and it provides a grounding start to the days activities.

The flower garden that surrounds the temple has also been grown and is tended to by the children.  Students show a lot of regard and respect to the school surroundings. Creating these little rituals allows them to feel more connected to the school and the environment within.         

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