More than dreaming a dream…

Harish, in a Physics teaching session

Harish, in a Physics teaching session

As children or even as adults, we all harbour dreams of a life that feels meaningful and fulfilled. Young children can dream many dreams about what they would like to do in their lives. However, there is a difference between daydreaming and acting upon one’s dreams.

A 10th class student, B. Harish, dreams of becoming a teacher. Rather than wait to finish school, pursue higher studies and thereafter qualify as a teacher, Harish takes up teaching opportunities while still in school! Whenever he gets a chance and free time, he teaches class and solves problems.

He asserts that this kind of practice teaching allows him to feel confident addressing small and large groups, helps him develop communication skills, while simultaneously developing his own knowledge and learning. He also feels happy providing help to other students.

Everyone has dreams and Harish is a shining example of how to make dreams come true by putting dreams into action. He is a source of admiration to students and teachers alike to see his willingness to work towards his dream right from school.



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