Getting competent with Computers

Dhinesh, D. Ajay, K. Ajay, M. Navaneetha, M. Aruna and B. Bhavani are Class 10 students from RDF Matendla School who have been showing an active interest in Computers and computer applications. Since using computers is an essential life skills in the technological world we live in, the school has been encouraging these young students in their endeavours. Access to computers and technology, as well as learning computer based applications can be hard to come by in rural schools. Therefore, considerable effort has gone towards procuring computers through donors and wellwishers and setting up computer labs in RDF schools.

Students at work in the computer lab

Students at work in the computer lab

The computer labs are a very useful resource to teachers too, who use them to plan lessons, create interesting teaching and learning materials, take ideas on prepping for examinations and tests, create a database for student performance etc. The 6 Class 10 students have been proactively using the facilities to research and create interesting syllabus based presentations for their peers. The research skills to create presentations and the analytical skills to put their thoughts and ideas together for the presentation are all skills that will serve them very well in their careers. The bonus is that presentation skills are an integral part of effective communication which will also be part of their career armoury!

It makes us happy to see students taking to technology and using it productively for their own good, along with sharing their skills and ideas with their peers. We are very proud of their achievements.


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