Billiards and beaming smiles!

The RDF Team always looks at providing new and interesting opportunities for the children enrolled in its schools. Over the past 20 years, it has been our privilege to have partnered with many inspirational organisations and individuals who have selflessly given their time and commitment to join hands with us to do more for the cause of rural education.

RDF BilliardsThe children also soak up new information, experiences and training like sponges! In June, we had written about Synchrony Financial, Hyderabad, organising summer training for students of the four RDF schools. At the graduation ceremony held at their i-Labs campus, the kids were introduced to the game of Billiards.
After a demonstration of playing techniques by the Synchrony Financial team, the children took a literal shot at the game! It took some getting used to, but the kids overall enjoyed the new game!

With no effort being spared to create an experience rich environment for them academically as well as in sports and other extracurricular activities, we always hope that it ignites a spark somewhere in the children, who always make us proud! 🙂

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