Spirited Effort

Today, we would like to honour and appreciate the spirit and resilience of Redlawada School students, S. Eswar.

How many of us pause to consider the role played by various parts of our body in allowing us to go about our daily activities with ease? We sit at computers and use phones for a better part of the day or walk, sit, stand, run, without ever having to think about our limbs.

Eswar working on a computer in the school

Eswar working on a computer in the school

Eswar is afflicted with ‘dwarfism’, a condition that did cause him to feel awkward and self conscious initially. He wanted to learn to use a computer but felt shy and uncertain as he felt he would not be able to reach a computer comfortably. With the support of his classmates and teachers, who acknowledged his anxiety, and encouraged him, he began using one. With his interest in learning, he persevered and developed confidence to use a computer.

He says he didn’t really feel like he struggled since he received a lot of help. He loves being in the computer lab now, working on his computer skills. There is much to learn from real life ‘heroes’ like Eswar!

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