Helping Hands

Kalleda School has been encouraging and motivating their students to help their parents at home and in farm work as this can help them take on responsibility at home and therefore allow them to be responsible citizens in the future.

Students helping a local farmer in his field

Students helping a local farmer in his field

The school and students have been discussing how they can help parents at home by becoming more sensitive to the hardships their parents undergo to support their livelihood and academics.

Students are repairing taps1

Students helping repair taps in the school

There are several ways that students have been helping their parents – they have been helping during holidays with plantation, sowing and other field work; helping in household chores such as cleaning, cooking and fetching water as well as cultivating a kitchen garden in their homes. They have also been motivated to help by keeping their rooms clean and keeping their books and other things in an orderly manner at home. At school too, they are being encouraged to maintain their classrooms and common areas.

The children are already aware of the sacrifices being made by their parents. Discussing this with peers allows them to motivate each other and develop more discipline and attention towards responsibilities they can take up at home and help their parents.


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