A World of Good: World Yoga Day Celebrations

ms 5Yoga forms an intrinsic part of RDF’s activities with rural children. The holistic approach to education involves high quality academic inputs and equally importantly, a focus on other programs in the realm of sports, art, craft, social awareness, health and hygiene etc, that also develop the mind, body and spirit.

While yoga has been gaining world wide repute as a health practice that provides considerable benefits to practitioners, it has always been a part of RDF’s work with children for several years. Each school has created time in the morning that is devoted to meditation and yoga. This continues during vacation time too if schools are conducting activities for children. This is also encouraged among teachers as well, so that they start their day with a clear and calm mind. These practices have led to positive benefits among our students, with most students stating that daily yoga helps them keep calm, provides them with a fresh mind, increases focus and concentration, makes them alert, helps with stress during examinations etc. ms 1

Mr. Laxminarayana, the Physical Education Teacher at RDF Matendla School, has been at the forefront for training several students over the years to immerse themselves in daily yoga practice and has nurtured them to District and State level accolades too. He has inspired students and teachers not just in Matendla School, but in other RDF schools too, to take up the practice of yoga and experience the improvements in their physical, mental and emotional health.

ms 2On the occasion of World Yoga Day on 21st June 2016, Matendla School conducted yoga activities for the entire school. Every student and teacher participated enthusiastically. The PET led them through a full yoga session. Several asanas were demonstrated by students. He also gave a talk on the importance of yoga and maintaining a daily practice to experience the world of good that yoga offers. ms 4

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