A Summer of Fun

Summertime for children can be a season for not just heat, but boredom too. With the summer heat keeping people indoors and children left bereft of friends due to school holidays; kids (and most people) can begin to feel restless.

RDF well wishers are aware of RDF’s partnership with two Government schools, that are being sponsored by Tech Mahindra Foundation in order to improve the standards of teaching and learning in Government schools. Over the past two years, the RDF team has been working intensively with the Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bahadurapally, to create activities that will enrich the learning environment in the school.


It has been our observation that the children in the school have grown to love the range of activities and programs being provided within the academic and extracurricular umbrella. Several programs have been implemented in collaboration with partners to allow learning to be more fun and present creative ways for teachers to engage with children.

MPPSWith the kids displaying eagerness towards attending school and throwing themselves into various activities, the school team, along with RDF, decided to organise summer holiday activities for the kids. These included outdoor sports earlier in the morning such as cricket, volleyball, kabaddi and kho-kho, which the kids loved. Several indoor games were also made available, such as carrom, painting, art and craft, reading, chess etc. The parents were happy to see their children productively engaged during their vacation time, learning new things and the kids enjoyed their time playing with their friends and classmates.

The teachers were also happy to organize and participate in these activities with the kids. The interest of the teachers and children motivates RDF and TMF to work even harder to provide high quality programs that will benefit the community.



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