Congratulations to SSC Board Examination Toppers!

At the school level, the Class 10 Board Examination is the single most important goal that students and teachers collectively work towards. Rural families who struggle to make financial ends meet, struggling with a life of toil and hardship, the hopes and dreams of families reside in their children doing well in school.

The quest for a good education for their child rests in admission to a school that delivers quality education. This can be hard in rural areas. RDF’s vision and commitment to the cause of providing high quality education which has been proven through the success of several alumni, gives confidence to parents that their children are in good hands. Together, the RDF team and its school staff put in a lot of work to train teachers, create and deliver programs with esteemed educational partners to create and implement innovative and quality education programs. Without a doubt, students put in long hours of toil to ensure a decent grade that can get them admission into a Junior College and course of their choice.

We always feel a sense of pride and revel in the success of our students. We present glimpses into the lives of the RDF school toppers in 2016 –

M. Swapna

M. Swapna

Kalleda: M. Swapna, cleared the examination with a 9.5 GPA. An earnest and hardworking girl, Swapna is the first in her family to attend school. As her father abandoned the family, her mother provided all the encouragement she needed to remain in school and do well.

K. Kavya

K. Kavya

Matendla: K. Kavya got a GPA of 9.5 in the SSC Exams.  The daughter of the former Sarpanch of the village, Kavya is a popular student and excelled in academics and in sports too. She has also been a National Level athlete. Motivated by a summer training camp she attended at GE, she dreams of becoming a Software Engineer.

P. Kasturi

P. Kasturi

Rollakal: P. Kasturi got 9.3 points in the SSC Exams. Hailing from a very financially constrained family, Kasturi always had the spark to be the best in class. Encouraged by her parents who are daily wage earners, she was determined to top the exams. Her determination has certainly made her achieve her goal which has made her family and the school very proud.

(L) B. Shivaprasad, (R) M. Jayaprakash

(L) B. Shivaprasad, (R) M. Jayaprakash

Redlawada: B. Shivaprasad and M. Jayaprakash are joint toppers from Redlawada, both receiving a 9.3 GPA.  Both students are known to be hardworking and confident. Their family members are very happy about their success.  Both students have received a free seat in the Government College based on the 2016 POLYCET.

We are also immensely proud that RDF girls are shining in all areas from academics to extracurricular and sports activities! Well done to everyone!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Congragulations to the toppers in ssc. I really enjoyed this great post. I really appreciate this excellent post.


  2. Congragulations to the toppers in ssc. I really enjoyed this great post and I really appreciate this excellent post.


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