Synchronization of Learning and Life skilling

RDF students with the Synchrony Finance team, Hyderabad

RDF students with the Synchrony Finance team, Hyderabad

An NGO’s mission can only be accomplished with the help of its partners. The collaboration of partners who value the vision, mission and help in the achievement of goals needs to be highlighted as these shared values is what allows the NGO to truly achieve outcomes.

Last year, we were grateful for the support of Synchrony Finance – a Hyderabad based multinational, who donated funds, computers and equipment to start an English Language Lab in Kalleda School. Computer skills are an imperative life skill for children, especially rural children who do not have access to technology. Along with the new lab, Synchrony Finance also pledged their ongoing support by providing training in English Communication each year.

In May, 31 students from RDF Schools travelled to Hyderabad to participate in this program. The intensive, though fun filled program provided many crucial inputs to RDF students to become familiar with English. The one on one attention and the high quality of the training was enjoyed by the students, who responded well to the training. Many, who have struggled with the language in school, showed good improvement with this training. The trainers too were very appreciative of the dedication to learn and hard work put in by the students. In particular, Shireesha, performed very well in her assessments. An academically average student in school, Shireesha (circled in red, in the accompanying photograph) blossomed during the training, which made the trainers and her very proud! Certificates were presented to the children in the presence of the RDF Chairman.

We remain grateful to the Synchrony Finance management, team and the trainers, who have designed this program for our rural children to develop their confidence and skills in English. We hope that such continued training will equip our students with all the skills necessary and provide a good foundation for their future careers.

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