Intermediate Results Declared

At RDF, we have seen the children grow from happy to go lucky tiny tots in LKG to mature, responsible students by the time they are in high school. Once the enter Junior College, their lives are full of classes, labs, preparation for entrance exams and the like. The teachers too have their hands full with mentoring and caring for the needs of the students – answering their questions, allaying their fears and anxieties – all aimed towards helping them feel confident as they sit their final school examination – the SSC Intermediate Year 2 exam.

We are pleased to announce that the 2015-16 batch had a 100% pass percentage in the exams, the results for which were declared earlier this month.

Not only did the students perform well overall, they secured good divisional ranks too, which has made them a happy lot!

The toppers are –

MPC-II: B. Venkateshwarlu 963/1000, K. Jayesh 962/1000, A. Madhukar 954/1000

BPC-II: G. Likhitha 945/1000, R. Bindhu 922/1000, G. Vasu 908/1000

CEC-II: D. Omprakash 916/1000, J. Sreeja 876/1000

Rather than tell you what we did to help the students, we thought it would be better for some of our students to share their own experiences directly with our readers.

B. Venkateshwarlu, MPC-II

B. Venkateshwarlu, MPC-II

“My native place is Kotha Thanda near Kalleda village .I belong to Schedule Tribes . My mother and father are daily wage labourers. We live in a small hut. I secured 9.8 GPA in Class 10 SSC Exams. On merit basis, I got free education as a boarder in the RDF Junior College. APJ Abdul Kalam is my inspirational person. My ambition is to become an aeronautical engineer. I liked my time at the Junior College very much because every lecturer showed care to individual students and motivated well.”

K. Jayesh, MPC-II

K. Jayesh, MPC-II

“I hail from Ammapuram village, Thorrur Mandal. I am inspired by Swamy Vivekananda’s teachings.  I read many books about the life histories of inspirational people like Mahatma Gandhi and Swamy Vivekananda. My ambition is to be a civil engineer. I want to serve the society honestly as “Service to humanity is service to God”. I feel proud as an RDF student.  I found the the right place to study at the RDF Junior College as I resonated with its service values of ‘Educate, Engage and Empower’.”

G. Likitha, BPC-II

G. Likitha, BPC-II

“Like all students in RDF institutions, I too hail from a small village – my native place is Choutapally Mandal in Parvathagiri, Warangal district. My father is a tailor and my mother is a house wife .My parents, grandparents and teachers encouraged me a lot to get work hard, study well and do the very best that I can. I was always motivated by this and wanted to get the highest marks. My ambition is to become a doctor. I want to give free treatment to the poor and needy people. I liked this college very much as it gave me confidence in my abilities.”

D. Omprakash, CEC-II

D. Omprakash, CEC-II

“I am from Parvathagiri. Hailing from a small village, I was determined to attend college regularly – my attendance percentage was 95% and I regard this as my secret to secure to good marks. I studied hard, paid attention in all my classes and learnt many things in these two years. I developed good computer skills while in colleged and also developed communication skills in English. My ambition is to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) in a reputed company.”


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