The Language of Learning

The RDF and Tech Mahindra Team have been hard at work to build the requisite resources in the Mandal Parishad Primary School. Learning the English language is a key skills that is absolutely required in today’s world. Rural children are at a disadvantage given the fact that there is no exposure to English in these areas and rural teachers struggle with competency in the language.

TMF ANITA KHOSLA 2Over the past two years, it has been our effort to provide expert resources to these teachers, such that they learn to communicate with students using basic English skills. Students too have been provided with programs and resources to enhance their skills in the language.  We are grateful to volunteers who have provided valuable time and service to engage with children and teachers at MPPS to help them improve in English communication skills. A volunteer with immense experience in this field is Ms. Anitha Khosla, a qualified English Language trainer who regularly works with teachers and children in the school.

TMF ANITHA KHOSLA 1With the objective of improving English communication skills among staff and children, her classes have had an enthusiastic response. Her approach involves recitation of rhymes with emphasis on phonetics and pronunciation and story telling.

Students have started to use creative expressions and improved vocabulary in class. Teachers too have been observed to have improved fluency and vocabulary.


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