No Trading in for Traditions!

In this hyper digital era, where children are exposed to all manner of digital content and video gaming becoming rampant, it is very refreshing to see the efforts being made by RDF schools to retain and promote traditional games. Students are plying Asta Chamma Game1

In Redlawada School, children have been learning and playing the ancient game of ‘Ashta Chamma’. A traditional board game, popular in the medieval courts of kings and queens, the game was played in order to improve hand eye coordination, enhance counting ability and also teach war strategy! Though a game of chance like many board games, it still involves thinking and analytical skills.

Students are plying Asta Chamma Game2Students appear to be quite captivated by this game and have been seen playing this during their leisure time, including before and after school! We are glad that while the onslaught of online and video games cannot be escaped, children can retain the ability to make a conscious choice to play such board games, as in the days of yore!

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