Farewell, Fare well..

Cultural show by the Juniors

Cultural show by the Juniors

Farewell gatherings are a must in the Indian education system. The 1st Year Intermediate students got together to make arrangements for a colourful farewell function for their seniors. Along with a medley of song, dance and plays, this year many senior students gave a farewell speech too, in which they were asked to share their dreams for the future and happiest moments during their two years in the Junior College.

G. Madhukar

G. Madhukar

Madhukar, MPC English Medium said, “I have studied in RDF institutions right from Class 1 to Intermediate. I have been given a value based education and learnt many things. I am sad to leave RDF, while being excited to enter college too.”

G. Likhitha

G. Likhitha

G. Likhitha, BPC,English Medium had this to share, “I liked my lecturers and their method of teaching. I am glad that I had good facilities like Science Lab and Computer Lab which allowed me to study comfortably. With these resources, I came to believe that ‘Practice makes perfect’.”

Ch. Venkatesh

Ch. Venkatesh

Ch. Venkatesh from CEC, English Medium said, “I am very happy that my college gave equal importance to sports and games. This too provided value to me during the 2 years.”

We feel very honoured to hear the esteem the students feel towards the Junior College. Junior College tends to be a time when students are almost adults and are experiencing a sense of greater freedom. We feel happy to see students understanding the resources that the college has made available to them and using their time constructively. Every one of them makes us proud. We wish them well for their futures.


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