Football Rules!

DSC03774Football has generally played second fiddle to big brother, cricket.  However, there is something tantalising about football – a sport that is much loved in many countries around the world.

While football may not have as much of a hold on us, children love kicking a ball around, regardless of the size of the field they can play in.

DSC03825The Physical Education Teachers in RDF schools came together and decided to teach football more formally, rules and all. Any team game can bring out the best in an individual, in the hands of a capable coach and teach essential team building and people skills too.

DSC03767In Redlawada School, sports shoes were donated to students who were interested in learning this game. The school doesn’t have a football court, but when has that ever come in the way of determination and enthusiasm? The school has a large open ground which is happily being used as a football field.  The students are captivated by the game and are persevering to master the leg work and skills. They have learnt that many football players in India have a rural background. This has inspired them and they are determined to become good football players from their district!

We cheer them on and pray that their visions come alive for them.



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