Dreams of Green

Inspecting and learning about  'Magic Pit' with locals

Inspecting and learning about ‘Magic Pit’ with locals

Ibrahimpur in Medak District has earned the distinction of being a ‘model village’. For the past couple of years, its residents, under the tutelage of the Sarpanch’s son, have put together several ecological practices which has made the village a ‘must see’ for people wishing to lead greener and more sustainable lives.

So the students of Classes 4 to 8 from Matendla School went to visit the village to observe these practices and see how they can be replicated in their own villages. The locals were proud to show them their ‘magic pits’ which are soak pits that allow waste water from a household to be recycled. Almost every house in the village has one. The students were informed of a water purification centre which ensures clean water for every home. Each street is meticulously cleaned everyday, with garbage taken daily to a dumping yard where it is disposed off in a sanitary manner. There is lush greenery around, with seasonal plantations.  In the evenings, solar lights power the streets and the homes. The village has also been free of seasonal viral outbreaks or water borne infections due to the clean environment.

Interacting with locals to understand creating model villages

Interacting with locals to understand creating model villages

The staff and students returned with a sense of wonder and what can be achieved with the power of good ideas and partnerships between local people and its elected representatives. We hope some of what they learnt will be put to use in Matendla and surrounding villages and create a new green revolution!


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