Future ‘not’ Tense

G.SrinivasWhen RDF was set up nearly 2 decades ago, our vision was to provide high quality education to rural children, so that they have the necessary skills to obtain jobs that can make them and their families financially stable.  In this endeavour, we have been blessed to have many strong partnerships with likeminded education service providers and donors who have helped us make our dream a reality.

What we didn’t see coming was our alumni supporting RDF financially and in other ways, time and again.  These are also the stories we love to share – alumni who have made tentative to confident steps in the world and come back to help future generations studying in RDF schools.

One such alumnus is Guguloth Srivinas who was in Kalleda School from Nursery to Class 10. His parents toiled as daily wage labourers and it was Srinivas’s earliest wish to financially support them and see them lead happy and stable lives. We are honoured to say that he recently completed the National Industrial Security Force Training and has landed his first job. To share his happiness, his first step was to sponsor the Midday Meal Program in the school. He says that the school gave him confidence and he would like to support his alma mater in every way!

We see these children and their families putting their hopes in education, to secure their futures. Thus such stories show us repeatedly it’s not just schooling that matters, but the quality that matters the most. Hence, for us too, it is a vision, a future that is not tense! Teachers and staff blessed him and his family for a bright future.

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