A Directed Future

We all dream and grapple with many possible scenarios for leading fulfilling and well lived lives. Nowadays, urban careerists also change careers based on new interests and creative ideas. Life in rural areas is different though, where the primary reason for first generation school regarding their work life is thinking about financial stability and supporting their parents and previous generations who have lived through tough times.

Pavan, during a narration of his play

Pavan, during a narration of his play

Therefore, getting a job that provides monetary benefits that can help their family is the most important consideration for our children. Hence they work hard in academics in order to try and be at par with urban counterparts, well aware of the challenges that lie therein.

However, though this is an important of academic and career choices, if combined with a gift and natural talent, then a job or a career also becomes creatively satisfying. An oft repeated question that has been going around our schools for many years, typically posed to primary children is, “So what will you be when you grow up?” The bemused child at the receiving end of this question can give several possible ideas, based on what most entices his/her fancy at the time the question is asked! The answers also vary as these kids grow older, fired by an active imagination. The passage of time and practical considerations generally provide the impetus for vocational and career choices by the time kids are in high school. No one really expects a primary child to really know what they would like to do when they are older.

Pavan, addressing his peers and parents

Pavan, addressing his peers and parents

Therefore it comes as a pleasant surprise when we hear of M. Pavan Kumar, a Class 4 student in Rollakal who has a flair for writing plays, directing them and choreographing dances too! Pavan has been writing one act plays for a while and loves to enact them for his peers and teachers. His parents say that he spends considerable time creating his characters in different plays and writing his dialogues. He also organises costumes for himself! So far his stories have been humorous or with a moral theme. His very obvious gift takes our breath away.

Pavan's self written & self directed play

Pavan, during his self written & self directed play

The school encourages him in every way they can and Pavan seems very clear focused about what he would like to do in the future – act and direct plays and movies! I hope our wellwishers and reader get an opportunity to meet this young talent and see his abilities. We are sure that his skills and confident ability to engage with his audience will see him direct and choreograph his life path , taking him a long way!


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