Treasured Trip

DSC03433Following in the footsteps of their Matendla School peers, students and teachers of Redlawada School were taken on an educational tour to Warangal. The delight of the students and teachers was palpable right from early morning, when everyone assembled to board the bus. The whispers in the morning hush, the laughter and excitement created such a buzz!


With so many schools curtailing children in classrooms, learning only from textbooks; the appeal of such tours, undertaken regularly, can make a big difference in learning attitudes.

IMG_20160207_163142335So off the students went, to a wonderful day filled with trips to thelocal zoo and historical monuments such as the Thousand Pillared Temple, Bhadrakali Temple and Warangal Fort. Even the adults were taken in by the charm and beauty of the rich architecture of the sites they visited, with many taking photos and videos with their phones.

We’re sure these will be circulated for many months to come! Everyone returned tired but happy from the day long trip and said that they came back with a new found understanding of Kakatiya art and culture.

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