“Do the Radio!”

RDF RadioMatendla School is on a roll with everyone coming up with creative ideas to support the learning of English. Last month, we wrote about the infectious ‘Coin Game’ which has caught on famously in the entire school. Now the team has come up with a ‘Radio Station’.

The Radio Station, supported by the English Club works like a news and announcements team, with the help of a simple microphone. Students from various classes, by turn, write content and make important as well as fun announcements each day. These include News for the day, from an English daily, Thought for the day for motivation, G.K Questions and informative trivia such as ‘Do you Know’ quizzes. Birthday babies are also wished, followed by important academic and extracurricular announcements; such as accolades, achievements and forthcoming events. All important information pertaining to the school is also relayed by each team.

The editorial and screening committee for this project is the school management and information goes ‘on air’ with their consent. Announcements are also made during intervals and recreation periods. The team also plays meditation music in order to make the environment relaxing for everyone. The students have been very responsive to this new venture and we have no doubt that with such creative ideas, the staff and children will find it easier to enhance their English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, which will only enhance their future potential.


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