“A Salute to Social Responsiveness”

Students speaking to farmers

Students, with a teacher, speaking to farmers

There is a freshwater crisis in India and the reality of this problem looms large in our state. The problem is felt acutely in our rural areas that face the brunt of this crisis. Farmers, already struggling with poor crop yield due to scanty rainfall, have been resorting to digging borewells to find water to cultivate their fields. With the water table running low, many such digging sites are abandoned, with the site left uncovered.

Due to this, there have been incidents of young children slipping and falling into these borewells, some with tragic consequences. The entire situation can seem futile and this bothered some children in class 9 in Kalleda School. On discussing the situation with their teacher, they decided to collectively help their community and help avert such tragedies.002

With help from their teachers and classmates, the children have closed almost every empty borewell site temporarily with soil and stones. They are now appealing to the farmers to close these sites permanently. The feeling of social responsibility towards their fellow community members and their exemplary effort was noticed by the media. 003They were covered by the local print and visual media, which gives them and us hope to believe that the ripples of their actions will reach neighbouring communities, thereby remaining farmers to dig with caution and take preventive measures.


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