Career Inspirations

IMG-20160106-WA0014The RDF VAPV Junior College organised a Inspirational Talk and Career Guidance session on a career in the Police. The Guest Lecturer on the occasion was the Parvathagiri Sub Inspector, Mr. Burglula Venkat Rao. He extolled the values of a career in the Police as being one in service to society. He patiently explained the practical aspects of life in the Police Service – the daily challenges and satisfaction derived from such work.

Students were inspired by his talk and many felt they were ready for a career in the Police. Since entry is competitive, he also provided details on how to prepare for the entry test and what to expect. The students found a good mentor in Mr. Venkat Rao and we hope that they will follow their dreams and achieve their desired goals.

IMG-20160106-WA0008The college was also thrilled to announce that three alumni achieved their dream job of joining the Police force – Rakesh and Ravi from the 2010 batch and Swamy from the 2011 batch. We are all very proud of them! 


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