Partners in Progress

RDF’s mission of delivering high quality education to rural children is on the right path due to the dedication, commitment and passion of  Silver Oaks School in Hyderabad.  A relationship going back nearly a decade, Silver Oaks has been responsible for creating contextualized educational materials for us as well as delivering ongoing teacher training. In addition to this wonderful work, they also organize an annual fundraiser with the students, parents and teachers of the school which contributes a significant amount of money towards our educational goals. The relationship continues to be augmented by cultural and educational visits by Silver Oaks students, as well as by their teachers for reviews and ongoing training. We are indebted to the Silver Oaks team for their commitment and dedication to helping us deliver high quality education to rural children.

Matendla School was visited by a former student of Silver Oaks last month – Aditya Mankal. He spent the day interacting with students and teachers as well as observing the various activities undertaken in the school.  He wrote a very expressive and generous report which we have reproduced here. MS Blog Aditya 1

In a country where education is considered holy, a teacher is termed as a God, it is known to all that basic education is still a distant dream for the many young. With the concern and services rendered to the rural poor children by RDF schools across the country, pursuing education no longer remains confined to dreams. Welcome to the RDF school at Matendla! A place where children greeting us with folded hands show the cultural immersion they are experiencing and discipline imbibed. Dedication is one very apt word to describe the students and the teaching team of this place. It would never be an exaggeration to attribute these young students as the tomorrow’s pride of India.

MS Blog Aditya 2A person visiting the school would not be able to leave the place without appreciating the attitude the students have towards every little thing in their day. The teaching team with the guidance of Mr Vishnu, the principal of RDF Matendla strive for augmenting these students with every skill they need. The day here starts with a prayer to the almighty, an energising set of stage activities, followed by the National anthem and a disciplined walk back to the class rooms sets off the 1st hour of teaching. Being visited every section in the school, I can vouch for the interest every person has towards their role, from every senior teacher to the youngest tot in the pre primary! Hats off to their commitment and dedication.

A mid day meal break shows something mesmerising to watch and learn from! The hall remains silent, students start with a prayer, and none of them wastes any food. Who better knows the value of a food grain than those who hail from the families who raise it! Something for us urbanites to ponder over…

MS Blog Aditya 3

It’s an irony within itself that those who deserve every learning facility, the Internet, and the best of schools do not have it, and we who have it often tend to overlook what we are lucky to have. The journey back home had me wondering as to who was under privileged. Agreed the Kuber resides with we people in the urban, but these students easily overweigh all what we have and do. I would say that these students are ‘better privileged’. Something which even earning a six digit salary cannot match up to… Thank you does not begin to describe how grateful I am for my stay at Matendla. It’s was pleasure to be with such talented, bright and sincere children, who are going to make it. Kudos to the efforts being put in by the RDF team…..they are also the nation builders!”

We thank Aditya, who is also a nation builder, in our opinion, for it is the understanding, compassion and commitment of the current urban generation – young people like Aditya – that will take rural education to the next level and build the nation!



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