A Historical Tour

MS 1Ask any student how they feel about their History lessons and you get sighs, shaking of heads, shrugging of shoulders and responses that typically echo boredom, disinterest and a sense of inevitability. Why do stories of evolution, birth, deaths, wars, social life, culture, lifestyles, festivals, music become reduced to boring lessons and factoids? How can we help students become intrigued with the past, a past we still very much carry within us and see around us? Taking them out of the class to cities and towns of historical significance is a sure way to pique interest. Seeing and feeling the aura of ancient monuments fires the imagination which can create more interest in the texts.

With this very idea, the staff of Matendla School organised a tour for high school students. Bhadrachalam, Medaram, Ramapppa and Warangal were the cities on the itinerary. From travelling to the small tribal village of Medaram, home to the legendary heroic tales of Samakka to Warangal, the seat of the Kakatiya dynasty and also an ancient Prehistoric site, the students were able to see a part of the history of their region and feel its splendour and stories. The students experienced a sense of wonder wherever they went and felt really happy with the tour. To be able to make connections between their tour and their textbooks, the teachers also felt satisfied that they had succeeded in making not just the tour interesting, but plant a seed to make the subject interesting too!

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