Ready for Reading!

GBR 2The Reading Program is witnessing an evolution in the Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bahadurapally. While every child is enchanted by a story well told and becomes gripped in its spell, learning to read on their own in a ‘foreign’ language is a challenge. Learning to read, understanding the stories and their characters requires time – something that can be difficult to do due to constraints of the curriculum. However, teachers and school managements are realising the value of dedicated reading time. With this intention, the school created a library period for each primary class, including encouraging students to read in their leisure time too.

With books in their eager hands and an ever increasing group of enthusiastic teachers and volunteers, the children have GBR (1)progressed from being unable to find letters and reading single words, to reading full sentences and making serious attempts to understand the stories they read. Several activities are planned to enable them to improve reading, writing and speaking skills. To us, it is enchanting to see their sincerity, the willingness to take on a challenge in a language they are not familiar with, sharing stories with each other and of course, reaching eagerly for more books!



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