Enhancing Parent Engagement


Parent engagement is crucial to student learning. While students do spend a large portion of their time in school and pursuing school related activities, the awareness and contribution of parents’ time can never be undervalued. The values learnt at home and in school need to coincide so that the child feels supported in both environments.

With this goal, the Mandal Parishad High School organises regular parent teachers meetings in order to increase the involvement of parents in the school and their child’s activities. At the quarterly Parent Teacher Meet organised in December, the school management and staff explained every school activity that was scheduled during the year. A key topic of discussion was personal hygiene and nutrition. Parents were asked to ensure that children brush their teeth and bathe every day, wear clean and neat uniforms. They were also informed about the importance of nutrition beginning with a good breakfast or morning meal and sending their children to school with a bottle of water.Parent Mtg 2

They also appealed to parents to discuss the children’s school activities when they return from school and participate more actively in checking the kid’s learning levels. They were also asked to send children regularly to school and informing the school in advance in case of any absences. Parent records were updated with submission of Aadhar Card copies and updated contact numbers. Thereafter the class teachers had discussions with parents individually about their child’s progress and distributed report cards. Permission was also sought to take the children on a field trip to Salarjung Museum on 5th December. The idea was welcomed by parents which fanned the children’s excitement even more. All 105 parents were thanked for their attendance and show of support for the school.


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