A Tale of Talent

Jan blogVemunoori Anil is an alumnus of RDF Kalleda School who studied in the school right from Nursery to Class 10. Academically, he always struggled though he always showed sincerity towards his school work. However, when he reached High School, a workshop in Computers with volunteers sparked his imagination, thus sowing the seed for a long standing passion for computers! He began to spend close to 5 hours in the computer lab, before and after school, with encouragement from the school’s computer teacher. The RDF CEO at the time, Mr. Vidya Sagar Rao, was impressed by Anil’s keen interest and sponsored a hardware training course for Anil. Thereafter, Anil went on to participate in a 3 month computer training program provided by the then Andhra Pradesh state government.

The training provided him with the requisite qualifications and experience and he was appointed by the school as the Primary School computer teacher. His passions continues to propel him to learn more and more about computer hardware and software and he now takes care of approximately 150 computers across RDF Schools. He has now become the ‘go-to’ person for all computer related issues! Anil’s story shows to us that being academically good is not all that is required to do well in life. A talent or interest or hobby can be nurtured where one’s talents can provide a useful and valued service to others, just like Anil!

Anil is inspirational to every student and teacher in RDF!


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