“Dealing responsibly with Dowry”


Dowry is still a very serious social problem in India, an issue of immense concern that cuts across socio-economic classes. Wanting to inculcate a solution oriented theme on this issue in class, the High School Social Studies teacher created a debating platform. The idea was to get students to use their analytical and reasoning skills and communicate their thoughts coherently, thus also improve speaking skills, while still focusing on the big picture of creating awareness on the issue!

 Focusing on discrimination against girl child and dowry drew a strong response from N. Jyothi from Class 10. Likening the practice of dowry to the sale of goods, Jyothi sought to get the audience thinking about the lack of humanness from her perspective.  Mukesh, a Class 8 student brought up the subject in the context of ancient traditions being followed by many communities. Finally, the Social Studies teacher, Mr. Thirupathi and the Headmaster, Mr. Vishnu intervened and recommended a via media that would involve rejecting the practice and the potential groom in situations involving threat and pressure from the groom’s end, informing the local law and order authorities and keeping the culture alive from the perspective of exchanging gifts to celebrate the marriage. This idea went down very well with the students who now plan on creating awareness campaigns and spread the message in their villages.


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