Achievements Galore!

The Junior College has been blessed with numerous achievements – a natural outcome to their dedicated inputs at all levels to provide an enriched learning environment for their students.

Mr. T. Ravinder Rao addressing the students

Mr. T. Ravinder Rao addressing the students

The monthly Motivation Class is very popular, with inspirational speakers invited to address students on a wide variety of subjects. Last month, Sri. T. Ravinder Rao, Founder – Vande Matharam, gave a talk on ‘Personality Development’, addressing the issues he faced and what it took for him to be successful.

Student demo class in progress

Student demo class in progress

The equally popular ‘Student Demo Class’ also builds confidence and communication skills as well as greater understanding in academic subjects.     


In sports and games, each day begins with Yoga and Meditation. Students have also been selected for District, State and National level events in High Jump, Short Put, Long Jump and Javelin.

The college also saw K. Venkatesh, studying in second year; win the 2nd Prize in a District Level drawing competition on Environmental Education.


Cooking ‘rocks’ used for sustainable cooking

The college’s focus on creating a sustainable environment on campus has seen them use ‘cooking rocks’, which not only is more environment friendly and time efficient, compared to firewood, but also allows them to save a whopping 50% cost in firewood. Actions speak louder than words – we hope all the actions being implemented by the Junior College creates a strong environment of ‘leading by example’ and plants seeds for a bright and thoughtful generation.


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